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Guangzhou Winstar Medical Technology Co., Ltd.'s independent innovation, research and development of the Respiratory Tract OCT Imaging System (OCTIS) was awarded the Chinese medical device registratio

2020-03-17 15:20:43 Tomophase Read

On February 14,2020, Guangzhou Winstar Medical Technology Co., Ltd.'s independent innovation, research and development of the Respiratory Tract OCT Imaging System (OCTIS) was awarded the Chinese medical device registration certificate and medical device production license. The OCTIS is the world's first product of open lumen Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) device that has obtained the national medical device registration certificate. This is a world-leading milestone in the development of OCT technology in the application of open lumen devices in clinical field.

The OCTIS is currently the only OCT device suitable for clinical observation of airways in the world. The world’s famous respiratory tract Academician Zhong Nanshan recommended the OCTIS to the State Drug Administration as quote :the first in China and at the world advanced level. It will fill the blank of current domestic precision imaging medical devices. The value of its clinical application is great. "



Compared with conventional imaging methods, the OCTIS has unique advantages. Its imaging effect is close to pathology. At the same time, it has the advantages of non-invasive and non-radiation, real-time observation of living body, high resolution (16 microns), deep imaging in tissue, 3D imaging, etc. The

OCTIS can be adapted to 1.7mm and 2.5mm dedicated probes. They are equipped with fiberoptic bronchoscope channels with different inner diameters to enter the small airways for observation. The airway structure can be recorded and photographed in real time. Also, a three-dimensional image of the airway structure can be formed. The operation is very simple and the image is intuitive and clear.




Prof. Li Shiyue of Academician Zhong Nanshan's team explained the clinical application of the OCTIS to the experts of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.


After 17 years of technical research as well as clinical research and application, it is suggested that the OCTIS respiratory tract OCT can be used for early lung cancer screening, COPD detection, asthma detection and other common or rare airway diseases, providing a revolutionary real-time image observation method.


Endoscopic OCT lung cancer screening


Endoscopic OCT diagnosis and treatment of asthma

At present, the OCTIS respiratory tract OCT has been applied clinically in more than 10 domestic respiratory hospitals at home and abroad, such as the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, the First Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Chinese Army General Hospital, West China Hospital, Shanghai Chest Hospital, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, University of Texas Medical School of USA, Imperial College Medical School of UK, University of Heidelberg Medical School of Germany, etc. All clinical cooperation units are actively carrying out OCT atlas research of various airway diseases, rushing to publish academic papers and results, and actively sharing at medical conferences. Winstar will continue to move forward with OCT technology to explore the unknown, accurately preserve healthy life, and create China's first original high-end medical imaging equipment brand!


Company Introduction:

Guangzhou Winstar Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Winstar Medical Technology Co., Ltd., established in October 2015. The main products are intraluminal OCT imaging diagnostic equipment, which can be applied to the respiratory tract, reproductive tract, ear tract, nose tract, larynx, and multiple other open lumen tracts.

After inheriting the R & D experience and localization of the American subsidiary Tomophase in 2003, Winstar now owns more than 120 independent intellectual property rights of independent innovation, including more than 40 invention patents. In the 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Winstar won the Outstanding Award of National Biomedical Finals, the Third Prize of Guangdong Province, and the third place in Guangzhou city. At the Shenzhen “Nanshan Star” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Winstar won the first place in the biomedicine industry and the overall championship; Winstar won the championship in the Silicon Valley Finals of Sun Yat-Sen University's Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.