Guangzhou Winstar

Guangzhou Winstar Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangdong Winstar, was established in October 2015. The main product is the OCT imaging diagnostic equipment for intraluminal tracts, which can be applied to the respiratory tract, reproductive tract , gastroesophageal tract, and other human open luminal tracts such as colorectal and urinary tracts. After inspected  by Guangdong Medical Device Supervision and Inspection Institute, Winstar’s OCT medical diagnostic equipment has obtained the inspection report from the National Medical Device Inspection Institute. At this stage, Winstar currently owns 85 core patents and other independent intellectual property rights. It has entered the national rapid examination and approval channel for innovative medical devices and stands a leading position on imaging diagnosis of lumen channels.

Currently, Winstar’s product has been used for clinical research in hospitals of the United States, Mainland China and Hong Kong. It has obtained US FDA approval and is expected to obtain China's CFDA certification (respiratory tract) in 2018. In 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Winstar won the Winning Award in the National Biological Medicine Finals, Third Prize in Guangdong Province and the third place in Guangzhou City.